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For over 20 years we deliver high-quality computer vision systems to our premium customers. With our Basic Scout product line, we deliver high-standard in-line inspection systems to the food, beverage and packaging industries. We are market leader of inspection systems for the Babyfood Nutrition supply chain. Our EagleEye product line is used in the market of people logistics (healthcare, retail, safety & security).

People at Eagle Vision: Arthur

This month our colleague Arthur Verwoerd will tell about his work at Eagle Vision. Arthur currently works as a Project Engineer. Our Project Engineers have numerous responsibilities among which; installing and commissioning Eagle Vision Inspection systems and ensuring that these systems remain operational through remote service.


2017-03-28 10:46 by Eagle Vision Systems

Optical Unit in focus: Scoop Insert Inspection

The Scoop Insert Inspection is widely used among infant formula milk powder manufacturers and inspects several points relating to the quality of the inserted scoop as well as the flange of the can


2017-03-28 10:32 by Eagle Vision Systems