The EagleGrid

System Description


The EagleGrid developed by Eagle Vision Systems bv is a marker less 3D People Tracking System. It is a scalable network of small people detection sensors, called EagleEyes. No tags like RFID or other badges are needed. It can be used in all indoor places where people need to be tracked and safety events automatically detected. The system respects people privacy by design.


Eagle Grid Installation in a mall


Features of the Eagle Grid

  • Detects and tracks people
  • Privacy by design: The Eagle Eyes detect people and send out people coordinates. No images comes out of the Eagle Eyes, people are not identified.
  • Marker less: there are no tags needed to detect and track a person
  • Scalable: the eagle Grid is a network of Eagle Eyes that is scalable to cover all the needed area.
  • Real Time: The sysem works real time without extern interaction.
  • 3D information: The Eagle Eyes send out also the height of the detected person. This is further used to distinguish between people and adults, to estimate people pose and to detect falls.
  • Open Interfaces: The Eagle Grid has 2 open interfaces. The Eagle Tracking Engine sends out tracks with ca. 10Hz . The Eagle Area Monitoring sends out area events corresponding to predefined conditions like people entered, child left, counter value. Using this open interfaces, the user can visualize the information on a central PC or a mobile device like a smart phone or connect with other safety systems.
  • Active IR for night detection


Possibilities of the Eagle Grid

The Eagle Grid can be used in multiple areas where tracking and monitoring people is needed. The Eagle Grid can:

  • Detect and Track People.
  • Give in real-time people position as coordinates (x,y).
  • Inform about the height of the person (z).
  • Distinguish between children and adults.
  • Detect when someone is entering or leaving a zone.
  • Count people crossing a line in one or both directions.
  • Detect and localize a fallen person.
  • Detects a person standing up at night.
  • In special cases, we can send out control images when safety events are detected, like a fallen person or a child alone in the stairway.
  • Save the tracks for offline analysis.


The EagleGrid has multiple application possibilities in Health Care, Consumer Behaviour Analysis and Security and Safety. Moreover, it is further improved to even better fullfill customers and research partners needs.

The Eagle Eye

The People Tracking sensor

The Eagle Grid is made of 1 or more people detection sensors called Eagle Eyes.
Here you find the specifications of an Eagle Eye.

Power Consuption

  230V 12V 19V
 Start-up 15W 13W 15W
 Idle 12W 11W 11W
 Running 14W 13W 13W

The Eagle Grid

The Eagle Tracking Engine communicates with each Eagle Eye. It's open interface delivers tracks as described in that manual.

The Eagle Area Monitoring observes areas and lines and detects events at this specific places: person count, child alone...

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