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Since the foundation in 1995, Eagle Vision develops and delivers Vision Inspection Systems for food, beverage and packaging industries.  We are the market leader in vision inspection systems for infant formula canning and confectionary markets.  As the systems perform an individual in-line check of all of your products, the highest quality standards are met at a consistent level.

The modular system approach provides flexibility to select and match proven standard modules to your requirements.  In addition, the core modules have the capability of semi-customization to provide a unique customized solution for special packaging types and special line conditions.  Our systems are optimized for clean room and hygienic operating environments.  They are known for short start-up times, simple user interface and reliable performance - including production at high line speeds.  

We have a global presence, with offices in Europe, North America, Latin America, South-East Asia and China, plus a wide network of distributors that provide training and service. 

Contact us directly at +31 35 69 52 818 or info@eaglevision.nl.

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