The 6MPCA is the most advanced model offered within the Ray-Ran Range of Melt Flow Indexers, using its on board advanced microprocessor technology. The liquid crystal display (LCD) provides simple on-screen instructions reducing user error and the test parameters are easily entered via the alpha numeric keypad. The apparatus can accurately determine results for MFR, MVR and Density at test temperature.

To conduct a test molten polymer is extruded through a closely controlled orifice (die) from the apparatus using set test parameters of temperature and pressure produced by a dead weight system. Rotary encoder technology accurately determines piston displacement as the polymer is extruded and automatically starts the test when the piston is in the zone for testing.

Simple parameters are entered such as usernames, material reference numbers and batch numbers which are stored for future recall and results presentation. Other parameters which are user defined are multi slicing and hi – lo limits. The multi slicing feature of the 6MPCA makes flow curve analysis instantly recognizable when the results are downloaded to the supplied Techni-Test Software.

If a materials density at test temperature is not known then a simple density test can be conducted by extruding molten polymer over a selected test distance, weighing the cut off and inputting the weight into the microprocessor. The density result will be automatically calculated and stored for you to conduct your MFI test. After each test has been conducted the results are displayed on the LCD giving the MFI, Shear Stress, Shear Rate, Viscosity and the MVR. These can be downloaded as a CSV file via the on-board mini USB connector or the Ethernet connection. The apparatus can also be supplied with an optional thermal printer if the machine is not connected to a network or PC.

The 6MPCA Melt Flow System is supplied as standard with a replaceable hardened steel cylinder liner, standard test die and piston along with 2.16 kg test load and cleaning ancillaries. The maximum temperature variation along the length of the cylinder liner in accordance with ISO1133.

Optional weights, and for the heavier weights, the optional weight loader can be fitted to the apparatus for ease of loading the piston to cover all testing parameters to international test standards.The weight loader can also be used as a hold back feature for materials which have a high flow rate.

All documentation is supplied, a product user manual and a fully traceable calibration certificate.


Optional Ancillaries

Weight (kg) 42
Width (cm) 57
Depth (cm) 58
Height (cm) 70

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