The Dirty Tray Vision System for confectionery 

The Dirty Tray Vision System is the innovative solution to prevent bad imprints and dirty trays in starch moulding production lines.

It is a highly accurate, reliable and proven system for the production of candy and jelly confectionery. 

The system is the result of a successful collaboration between Eagle Vision Systems, a leading manufacturer of inline inspection systems, and Luuk Hilhorst of LHT Consultancy, who has extensive experience in the industry of starch moulding lines.

The Dirty Tray Vision System, DTV in short, inspects each and every tray immediately after printing in the starch, before it will be filled with the liquid jelly. If the tray is not perfectly filled with starch or the quality of the imprint is not correct, the tray will remain in the line but will not be filled with liquid jelly and will therefore eliminate the risk the tray to get contaminated with hardened pieces of jelly.



Also Available: Packaging inspection including code reading.

Features & Benefits