The Empty Can Inspection system is able to detect defects quickly and accurate on the flange, bottom and the inner sidewalls of the can. Pollution and spots inside, as well as flange dents, flange width and ovality/roundness are being inspected. The Empty Can Inspection system is available for high speeds. The system is compact and can easily be installed on both existing and new lines.


• Inspection of flange: damages, dents, flange width and ovality/roundness
• Inspection of inner bottom and inner sidewall for pollution, spots, damages and foreign objects


360° Can Inspection to the outside of the can
• Seam Inspection
• Scoop Inspection (for scoop inserts)

Features & Benefits

• Short start-up time by using simple presets
• Short changeover time by using simple presets, product library or MES input
• High speed available up to 90.000 p/h
• High resolution available
• Compact system
• Various can sizes and can types possible
• Stainless steel hygienic design
• Used by Can Fillers & Can Makers
• Easy maintenance because of no moving parts
• Proven standard system
• Network connection
• Very operator friendly user interface
• Custom language on user interface optionally possible
• Storage statistics and pictures
• Modular set-up
• Low cost of ownership
• Simple installation in the line