The Scoop Inspection module inspects very accurately the scoop presence, broken scoops, double or multiple scoops and mixed-up/incorrect scoops by color. The Scoop Inspection module is also able to inspect white and transparent scoops. 

The module consists of special features for detection of broken scoop parts/particles, scoop dimension, transparent and white scoops and to detect robustly in reflective metal cans. 

We have a specific proven unit for Scoop Inspection "spoon caps".


• Presence of the scoop
• Broken scoop
• Double or multiple scoops
• Scoop Mix-up Detection by color
• Double or damaged scoop parts
• White scoops
• Transparent scoops
• Scoop Inspection in ‘spoon-caps’


• Empty Can Inspection (flange + internal can)
• Seam Inspection
• 360° Inspection

• (Spoon-) Cap Mix-up Detection: by color, label, embossing
• Cap Orientation

Features & Benefits

• Short start-up time by using simple presets
• Short changeover time by using simple presets, product library or MES input
• Stainless steel hygienic design
• High speed available 
• Compact system
• Integrated in known Scoop Insert Machines
• Various sizes and types possible
• Easy maintenance because of no moving parts
• Network connection
• Very operator friendly user interface
• Custom language on user interface optionally possible
• Storage statistics and pictures
• Modular set-up
• Low cost of ownership