Lab measurements equipment is highly accurate, but based on sampling a selection of the entire production. Because of that defective seams can be detected too late and inconsistently. Or worse; by the customer.

The in-line Seam Inspection module inspects the complete seam around the can. The module is positioned in-line to inspect 100% of the produced cans, non-destructively. Various can sizes and can shapes are inspected without any product handling. The inspection is available for high line speeds.


• Seam dents
• Droops/Vee
• Cut seam
• Knocked down flange
• Double seam
• Incomplete seam
• False seam
• Tight/loose seam
• Cut down seam
• Seam spinner/turned corner


• Empty Can Inspection, for inspection inside and flange of empty cans
360° Can Inspection, for inspection of exterior of cans (mixed-up lithograph, damages)
Code Reading, including ink-jet code, barcode, QR code, OCR code

Features & Benefits

• In-line inspection of seam
• Inspects 100% of the produced cans
• Non-destructive

• No product handling needed
• High speed available (up to 90.000 products per hour)
• Different can sizes and shapes, including round and rectangular cans
• Modular expandable with other inspection modules
• Network connection
• Remote connection
• Storage of statistics and pictures
Short changeover time
Simple installation to the line
Stainless steel hygienic frame
Very operator friendly user interface
Easy maintenance due to absence of moving parts